DirectID Developer Documentation

The DirectID Service

DirectID captures, processes, retrieves and verifies an individual’s identity information and personal data.

The service offers two key integration points - a Widget and a RESTful API:

  1. Our customers can integrate the DirectID Widget into their web pages. The DirectID Widget provides a complete solution to guide your customers through the process. The Widget easily fits into existing websites, handles all user interaction and contains responsive forms that guide users through the verification process.
  2. A RESTful API which is used to retrieve user data processed during the verification process.

Depending on your intended use, integration generally requires you to add the DirectID Widget to your web page and then query the API for verification results.

The back-end server side of your application will first acquire a valid token from DirectID authentication servers, which it will pass on to the Widget sitting as a front-end JavaScript and CSS component of your web application.

The Widget, as part of your web page, will handle user interaction and process user data.

You will then call the DirectID RESTful API to fetch user data acquired and verified during the process.

  • Learn about placing the Widget in your web page
  • Understand how to connect to the RESTful API

If there is anything else you need or something we can improve on, please let your Account Manger know. To get you started quickly here are links to some key content: