Extending DirectID

DirectID features are being continually improved and extended to provide a comprehensive identity verification service.

Below is a list of some key features which are on our current roadmap.  If you would like to see any other features, whether for data, security, user experience, reporting or integration, then please let us know.


DirectID can be enabled to perform a bureau check (e.g. user’s credit history) at the same time as validating your user’s identity. By enabling the bureau check, we can collect your user’s name and address and return this at the same time as your user’s bank transactions.

User Asserted Data

You may have need to collect external information that the Widget does not currently capture. To deal with this, we have a custom user-asserted workflow that can be enabled within Direct ID for the user to provide you with certain additional data that you would find useful.

Ongoing Bank Access

DirectID by default is a single transaction service. We check the user’s identity once, at the time of login. However, by enabling ongoing bank access, we will keep downloading that user’s transactions on a daily basis moving forwards.  Please note that the user must accept this extended access as part of the terms and conditions on your site.

Real Time Diagnostics

We offer access to real time diagnostics about how many users have attempted, completed or failed verification.

365 Data

We will soon be extending the transactions collected from 90 days to a maximum of 365 days for UK and US banks.

Account Selection

Many users have multiple bank accounts returned after logging in with their details. However, using our account selection process, it will be possible for the user to select a primary account.