Interrogating Your Data

DirectID offers two mechanisms to interrogate your data. For smaller companies, we offer access to the DirectID Dashboard. For larger organisations, we offer the API.

The Dashboard is an encrypted web portal where you can integrate your users’ data and have access to the Dashboard Panels that you have enabled.

The API is secured and access is controlled using the same OAuth mechanism as required to host the widget.  Each Panel on the Dashboard has a matching API endpoint so no matter which strategy you adopt you can have access to all the great features.


After your users have successfully completed the verification process using the DirectID Widget, you will be able to integrate their verified data using our API endpoints. Our API reference provides the complete list of available API endpoints and their responses.

Please note the DirectID Sample Apps on GitHub include sample wrappers for the API using Java, PHP and .NET. These sample apps provides examples of how you can connect to the API from within your application.

The API contains endpoints from where you can securely fetch summary and details of verified data for users who have gone through the verification process.

If you are wondering how to tell when your user has verified and their data has been retrieved, check out the Notifications section.