Login Reconnect

When Login Reconnect is not enabled for your system any UAR error triggered during the ongoing bank access will lead to the auto-deletion of the user by DirectID system.

When Login Reconnect is enabled all users that go through the widget will now be added for ongoing access, including users who failed MFA. The DirectID system will not delete ongoing users after UAR errors, it will only remove them from the daily refresh. Your system will then receive a Error Hook notifying that action from the user is required (UAR). Your system will not receive any further Error Hook or Success Hook until the user next attempts to reconnect through the widget (see diagram figure 1).

Note: There are error codes (non UAR) which requires user action on the bank account website, before ongoing access will succeed again. The user should be notified of this, so they can take action on the bank website. We will continue to try logging into their bank account, and send a Error Hook daily until the user does the required action, or the user is removed from ongoing access by your system.

Your System is responsible for the deletion of a user, this is done via DirectId API Endpoint TerminateIndividualOngoingBankAccess.

Login Reconnect Process

Figure 1 Login Reconnection Process

How to reconnect using the Widget

Reconnection should only be attempted after receiving MFA or Login Failure for an Ongoing User.

Initializing the DirectID Widget for reconnection requires a Reconnect User Session Token, which you can request from the API’s Login Reconnect User Session Endpoint. You will need to provide a valid OAuth Token within the header for your request along with the user reference received in the Error Hook. The API will respond with a User Session JSON Object containing a reference and token.

Precondition Condition
  • The user has been verified via initial verification process and is set for ongoing bank access.
  • Your system has received a Success Hook for the user
  • The user is not currently trying to reconnect
  • Your system has received a Error Hook which contains an error code that requires the user to enter their login credentials again. (see UAR  error_code)
  • The user is currently trying to reconnect (see Reconnection process in Figure 1)
  • Your system has received a Error Hook with error code 1100 or 1101. These error codes mean that the user has exceeded the maximum number of login attempts with our widget. If a new Login Reconnect widget token is generated, then the user will be able to try logging in again.
  • The user has tried to reconnect
  • Widget Timeout - A user session token is valid for 15 minutes, if the user doesn't login in that time then the widget will timeout and show an error message. Your system will not receive a Error Hook in this instance.

How to retrieve user reference from notification

Notification will be sent to your system via Error Hook. This notification will contain the user reference

•    rpUser_Id will return your user id if you have set one
•    user_id will return the user reference (our user id) 
•    error_code will return our internal error code
•    error_message will return our error message to help you help your customers with their issue

The JSON has the following format:

 "error_code": "string",
 "error_message": "string",
 "user_id": "string",
 "rpUser_Id": "string"