Sample Applications

Most of our customers use the sample app as a base to write their own code but feel free to take the sample code and use it as is. Once your webserver is successfully connecting to DirectID and receiving a DIDToken make sure it is passed to the correct page. Again please use the Sample App as a good starting place to customize where on the page you host it.

The sample apps perform the following steps

Connects to an external OAuth2 provider and passes the Client ID and Secret we gave you to the provider and gets an OAuth Access Token back as a response. Using this Access Token, the Sample Apps connect to DirectID and gets given a unique DIDToken (Direct ID Token, also called a user session token). The presence of the DIDToken allows the Widget to be initialized on the client-side. After a user connects to a bank, verifies and gets a verification complete message, you can use the individual page within the Sample App to look at how our API connection works. Please note the API connection needs to have the OAuth access token within its header to be authorized. Sample applications cover both client and server side aspects of application development using Direct ID. Server side applications demonstrate how your application will fetch OAuth and user session tokens and pass the information to initialize DirectID Widget. Client side sample application demonstrates using the Widget with default or customized look and feel. API wrapper applications demonstrate the use of APIs to fetch verified user data.

Example Applications

Below you will find some example implementations of the DirectID widget which can be cloned straight from GitHub:

C# .NET Example

Java Example

Php Example